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For the last several years, the Cyclones have consistently finished second fiddle to College of Lake County. But they finally bested the Lancers for the top spot on their home course at Cog Hill.

This first place finish was huge for the Cyclones. They topped the conference standings in this latest outing, ahead of the Lancers by just two strokes. So far this season, the Cyclones have finished second but have slowly narrowed the gap each time. The familiarity of the course they practice on regularly helped.

"Everyone showed up today and played solid, so we could finally beat those guys. It's huge. It made our guys so happy. Lake County walked away very disappointed," said Head Coach Matt Lovelace. "We needed the win so bad or they would have just about sealed up the conference championship."

Freshmen Anthony Bestrick, Ben King and Caden Carr each shot their lowest scores of the season, which was key in this victory.

"We will focus on winning next week and playing the best round we can and go from there. If we can win the last two, we'll hopefully knock Lake County off their rein as conference champs," Lovelace said.

Anthony Bestrick- 74
Ben King- 75
Caden Carr- 78
Dan Davila- 82
Tommy Schaaf- 85